Kombinasi di FM 2012

Anda maniak FM? khusus FM 2012, ada bebeapa tips yang menarik dari saya, berikut ini adalah tips dari saya.


Useful Combinations

  • Push higher up, get stuck in and hassle opponents to pressurise the opposition if they are enjoying too much possession.
  • Retain possession, pass to feet and drop deeper to keep the ball when holding on to a result.
  • Play out of defence, Push higher up, pass into space, play through defence, work ball into box and retain possession to dominate the game and try to break through the defence.
  • Drop deeper, stay on feet and stand-off opponents to force a quick, talented team to play through your defence.
  • Drop deeper, play wider and stand-off opponents to invite a very defensive opposition team higher up the pitch and create space to try and get behind them.
  • Exploit the middle and play narrower to focus your play centrally.
  • Exploit the flanks and play wider to focus your play out wide.



  • The player should be a regular starter for the first team so that the role is not wasted on a player who rarely plays and so the team is playing with the same leader consistently. Players may find it difficult to motivate themselves to play with a new captain but consistent use of the captain will help.
  • In addition to this the captain should be one of the side’s better players. He is therefore less likely to be replaced in the side, resulting in the need to appoint a new captain. This will also help with the motivation of the rest of the team to play under the captain.
  • The player should be one of the more senior members of the squad in terms of age. They should ideally also have been at the club for at least a few years.
  • In terms of attributes, the most important to consider is Influence. The captain should also have high ratings for Bravery, Determination, Teamwork and Work Rate in order to be an effective role model on the pitch.
  • The player should preferably be amongst the favoured personnel of other members of the squad. At any rate, you should not appoint a captain who is widely disliked.
  • The chosen captain should have a personality suitable for the role, such as born leaderprofessional or determined. Personality can be checked by viewing the Information section of a player’s Overview, or Reports. The captain’s personality should ideally match squad personality (viewed in the Information tab on the Club screen) although this is not essential.
  • Although not of particularly high importance, you should also consider the position the player plays in as this will affect his influence on the different areas of the pitch. For example, a goalkeeper’s influence will be restricted to organising his defence, while a midfielder will have a greater influence on the whole team. On the other hand, appointing a defender or attacker as captain can be useful in helping to inspire that particular part of the team.

Note that if your team is largely made up of young players, then appointing a capable captain by considering the above factors is of even greater importance.




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